Ana began her path as an educator and caretaker with her owns kids, volunteering at Friends Nursery School where all her three children attended their preschool years.  It was there she found a very   comfortable and natural relationship with children. It was a relationship so strong that on January 15, 1993 she decided to open up her own day care at her home in Palo Alto, which she personally still operates today.


Ana is accreditated by the National Association for Child Care (NAFCC) and is fully trained in CPR and first aid training. She is also currently pursuing an  A.A. and an A.S. degree in child development.


Ana's staff currently consists of two other moms, Ana and Martha. They are both highly qualified, CPR trained, finger printed, and are fluent in both English and Spanish. Along with Ana, they attend major yearly child development conferences to stay up to date with all the current child development rules and regulations.